Alderney Gambling Commission Slammed over FTP by Online Poker Player

An online poker player, Antanas Guoga, also known as Tony G, has struck out at the Alderney Gambling Control Commission for failing to protect the funds belonging to players at Full Tilt Poker site adequately.

Tony G criticized the Commission for not dealing with the Full Tilt saga in a suitable manner and blamed it for not suspending their license sooner. He claimed that it was clear from the beginning that Full Tilt Poker was unwilling or unable to allow players to have access to their funds.

The Alderney Gambling Commission suspended Full Tilt Poker from operating in June, almost two months after the site’s domain was seized by the US authorities. Following a disputed hearing, Full Tilt Poker’s license was revoked in September.

Tony G stated that the commission had an obligation to the players and they should be there to protect the young and the vulnerable which in his opinion they have failed to do.

Andre Wilsenach, Executive Director of the Alderney Gambling Commission, replied to Tony G’s accusations by admitting that they have an obligation to protect players and that they do so by keeping the industry free of crime in order to ensure that the games that players play are fair.

Wilsenach added that their operators never exploit the young and vulnerable and as far as players’ funds are concerned, they have never set themselves up to underwrite these funds as no regulator in the world does that. He also said that a decision to suspend and revoke a license is not one that is taken lightly and that they believed it was best to get rid of Full Tilt as they were not suitable to hold a license any longer.

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